Episode Summary

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming an SLP household name, Nancy Kaufman. Nancy joined us to discuss all things Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), including the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol (K-SLP), best described as a shaping word approximations approach rather than a compensatory placement approach. We reviewed these strategies and how they are relate to evidence based practice. A big thank you to Nancy for joining us!

Learning Objectives 

After attending participants will be able to:

  1. Describe components involved in the Kaufman speech to language protocol
  2. Define compensatory placement and when this approach might be appropriate
  3. Describe how the K-SLP approach might be used as part of evidence based practice 

About the Speakers


Kate Grandbois (she/her) & Amy Wonkka (she/her

Kate and Amy are co-founders of SLP Nerdcast. Kate is a dually certified SLP / BCBA who works primarily as an "AAC Specialist." She owns a private practice with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, augmentative alternative communication intervention and assessment, and consultation. Amy is an SLP who also works as an "AAC Specialist" in a public school setting. Amy's primary interests are AAC, typical language development, motor speech, phonology, data collection, collaboration, coaching, and communication partner training and support.

Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC,SLP

Nancy R. Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and the owner and director of the Kaufman Children’s Center for Speech, Language, Sensory-Motor and Autism Treatment in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Since 1979, she has dedicated herself to establishing the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol (K-SLP), a treatment approach to help children become effective vocal communicators. As a renowned expert in the treatment of childhood apraxia of speech and other childhood speech-sound disorders, Nancy frequently presents nationally and internationally on the subject. Families from around the country and the world travel to the KCC to participate in her intensive and specialized therapy programs. Nancy has been recognized by the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association and honored as an outstanding alumnus of both Michigan State University and Wayne State University.

Speaker Disclosures

Nancy Kaufman financial disclosures: Nancy is the author of materials and e-courses relative to the Kaufman speech to language protocol (K-SLP) methods that are sold through Northern Speech Services. She receives royalties on the sales. Nancy Kaufman non-financial disclosures:  Nancy is the author of two webinars produced for Apraxia Kids that are carried in their online library.

Kate Grandbois financial disclosures: Kate is the owner / founder of Grandbois Therapy + Consulting, LLC and co-founder of SLP Nerdcast.  Kate Grandbois non-financial disclosures: Kate is a member of ASHA, SIG 12, and serves on the AAC Advisory Group for Massachusetts Advocates for Children. She is also a member of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT), MassABA, the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) and the corresponding Speech Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis SIG. 

Amy Wonkka financial disclosures: Amy is an employee of a public school system and co-founder for SLP Nerdcast. Amy Wonkka non-financial disclosures: Amy is a member of ASHA, SIG 12, and serves on the AAC Advisory Group for Massachusetts Advocates for Children.

Course Disclosures

Course Content

This course will focus on the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol. 

Financial and In-Kind

Funding for this course was provided by one of our Corporate Sponsors, Medtravelers.

Time Ordered Agenda

15 minutes: Introduction, Disclaimers and Disclosures

15 minutes:  Descriptions of components involved in the Kaufman speech to language protocol 

15 minutes:  Descriptions of compensatory placement and when this approach might be appropriate

10 minutes:  Descriptions of how the K-SLP approach might be used as part of evidence based practice

5 minutes: Summary and Closing

References and Resources

The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol

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The contents of this episode are not meant to replace clinical advice. SLP Nerdcast, its hosts and guests do not represent or endorse specific products or procedures mentioned during our episodes unless otherwise stated. We are NOT PhDs, but we do research our material. We do our best to provide a thorough review and fair representation of each topic that we tackle. That being said, it is always likely that there is an article we’ve missed, or another perspective that isn’t shared. If you have something to add to the conversation, please email us! Wed love to hear from you!


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